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iPhone Repair – iphone 6 lightning port & screen replacement

iphone screen replacementThis iphone repair was to solve a plethora of problems. Firstly, a cracked screen had rendered this iphone difficult to use. Secondly, the iphone was not charging correctly. The customer complained that they had to wiggle the charging socket to get a connection. It transpired that eventually this failed to charge the phone and it was not clear whether the lightning port or battery had failed.


With this in mind I set to work on the phone and opened it up. The iphone 6 is not too difficult to repair, it is just very fiddly. There are pentalobe screws holding the screen in place, once these are removed you have to heat up the handset to melt the glue and prise it apart. When prising apart the damaged screen it makes sense to tape it up with parcel tape. This ensures you are not at risk of being cut by shards of glass falling out of place.

iphone screen repair

replace iphone battery

Removing the screen

When working on these phones, you must put the screws back where they came from. It make sense to invest in a magnetic mat which will stop the screws from moving around. The first thing to do once inside is disconnect the battery. This ensures that there are no stray currents roaming around in the system that might actually get bridged to another part of the phone. A short circuit may cause fatal damage to the motherboard. Then, we need to disconnect the screen. It is a simple case of removing the shield and then disconnect the cables using a spudger for leverage.

replace phone screen

With the screen removed we can start the process of stripping the innards of the phone out. Unfortunately, the logic board needs to be freed to get at the charging circuit. This means stripping out the camera, modem and speaker connections in order to get to this point. This then allows you to gain access to perform the repair.

repair iphone charging socket

Replace Lightning Port

Once done, it is easy for you to swap out the part in theory. However, in practice it is very difficult to remove it easily. This is because apple, for no appa

rent reason, decide to stick it down using adhesive. This glue serves no purpose whatsoever, other than to try and thwart us repair technicians. Basically the microphone is built in to this portion and it must be placed back correctly. Failure to do this correctly means the caller cannot hear you very well.

fix iphone not chargingiphone lightning port replacement

For me, I was replacing the whole circuit board, so was not an issue if I damaged this. Well I say circuit board, it is actually a flimsy piece of plastic film with the components on! However, when removing the original lightning socket, it was difficult to remove and I snapped one of the microphone modules. There is no way you can replace parts on this section, it needs a new board. Fortunately, I had one ready to drop in, however, if you plan to keep this part intact then it is not wise to remove it.


Once all is well you can rebuild the phone. One of the most annoying things about performing an iphone 6 repair is the internal connections. The ribbon cables are tiny and must be lined up correctly. If you press too hard then you can damage the phone and its game over! You are best being very patient and focussing on getting the alignment right. Once this is done, then gently use the spudger to snap it back in place.

It requires a degree of skill and patience to do this, as it so fiddly. I recommend a chill if you start to get stressed as you may make more mistakes when wound up! Also, be careful when reconnecting the wifi antennae, this is a bit of a pig to do. Once you have reassembled the phone, then you can work on the screen.

┬áiPhone Repair – Screen Replacement

To replace the parts on a bare blocks screen you just have to have patience and take great care when changing parts around. The camera and speaker are mounted in the same area, unfortunately it is just fiddly to refit them to the new screen. It is straightforward enough though and is not much of a problem to do, it just tries to spring out of the housing until it is screwed down, just don’t try to force it.

fix iphone speakeriphone speaker repair

As for the home button and fingerprint scanner, you have to take great care as it is very easy to damage it. The touch ID button will only work with the logic board it was shipped with. That is to say it is registered to that phone and replacing the touch ID with any other button will result in its non functioning. This is why if the button is damaged during the transfer process, the touch ID will stop working. Therefore it is essential that care is taken when removing and reattaching the home button. The ribbon cable is very fragile, so just make sure that you are not applying force, and are using gentle leverage to lift it up.

replace phone scree


Once you have built the screen, you can reattach it to the phone to complete your iphone 6 repair. It always pays to test your screen before you perform the above steps. That is to ensure you were not supplied a dud. Its easier to test it works first than to strip down the parts you have carefully transferred! Then it is simply a case of reattaching the power cable and booting it up.repair faulty iphone

iphone repair

diagnose iphone

Once you are happy, you can close the phone up and put the screws back in, then it is ready for service once again!

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