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Dangerous Tumble Dryer Update:

It seems that my hunch was right and we are starting to see issues with modified Whrilpool tumble dryers. I have previously expressed concern about these machines still being dangerous after the modification. These tumble dryers are under the Whirpool brand and include: Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Proline & Swan. If the dryer was manufactured between 2004 and 2015 it may be affected. To make sure yours is not affected please go to their safety website.

Dangerous tumble dryerTumble dryer serviceTumble dryer fire dangerIt has transpired that a modified machine has caught fire, which is alarming given that this fix was meant to resolve the issue. This was reported in an article in The Guardian. I have  previously discussed at length some of the issues arising from these machines and the lack of ducting internally: ‘Tumble Dryer Fire’.


Tumble dryer safety

The crux of my article was simply to explain the dangers of not cleaning the lint filter, and point out that the fix may well be inadequate.  Unfortunately, it seems that even carefully cleaning the lint filter religiously has not prevented a fire in this dangerous case.

For this reason, I recommend you check your dryer to ensure, as a matter of urgency, that it is not one of these dangerous tumble dryers. If it is then you should not use it and contact Whirpool immediately. You can get a replacement dryer at a reduced price, clearly the modification route is not fool proof.

Secondly, if you have already had it modified and are not eligible to replace your machine, you should get it serviced regularly to ensure that the machine remains safe and is not a fire risk. Mr Circuit can service your tumble dryer and ensure it remains safe for your peace of mind. We will inspect it to ensure there is no fire risk and make sure there is no lint build up.


Remember, tumble dryers can be dangerous machines if not properly maintained. The lint filter should be cleaned regularly and the airflow in and out of the machine should not be blocked. My pro tips for tumble dryer safety are at the end of a that article and as long as you follow these you can reduce risks by being proactive.


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