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Alpine Car Stereo Repair

This unit arrived on my bench dead on arrival. The Alpine CDA -9852R delivers four channels at 50W and is certainly good enough for delivering pumping tunes. I tested it and it would not turn on as there was seemingly no power to it. The owner claimed that it would not power up when fitted, after taking it out of his other car. I started stripping it down and to get to the board, and to do this you need to remove the CD mechanism.

Unfortunately, as I did this, a spring flew out and whizzed past my ear. Looking at the mechanism, I had no idea where it went and I had the feeling it was going to be a nightmare to put back. I continued stripping it down and tested the board and could find no fault on any capacitors or fuses. I reassembled the unit because I could not find any fault, and decided to test it again.

To my surprise it fired up straight away. The only conclusion I could come to is that the loom hanging out of the back was not inserted correctly. I unplugged it to test the board and plugged it back in afterwards. This is the only change that could have happened while I had it.

After wasting an hour taking apart and testing the board, and testing fuses in the car I realised that was probably all it was. It had recently been removed from a van. My school boy error was only compounded by the fact that the disc mechanism would not work and it would not eject discs.

Thankfully, I was able to find a service manual and luckily it had a blown up view of the CD mechanism. After ten minutes I found where the spring went and voila, it worked perfectly, ejecting discs correctly. It seems that this was an essential spring to the eject mechanism, I was lucky I found the spring to be fair as it had pinged miles away.

Ready for install

I wired the stereo in to the car and my installation worked straight away. We all make mistakes, mine was assuming that the power line had continuity, the connector looked like it was inserted all the way, and as I took the lead out and reinserted it after the test, it did not see it initially, so I didn’t realise there was no need to waste an hour stripping the stereo down as it had no fault!

Car Stereo Repair
It lives!


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